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Delivering the benefits of modern technologies means applications with faster time to market, scalable and ready to plug into ecosystems of all types. Access to reliable skill-sets to build these systems remains a barrier, and this is the problem that SepiaGroup solves.

What we do?

Our custom work focuses on clients and successfully bringing ideas to market.

We excel at building frameworks that can be maintained, and scaled without rebuilding and migrating to different infrastructure due to early stage limitations.

Why choose us?

We design and build according to what you want to do with your business, not what you want to build. Unnecessary building-out of technology is the surest way to drain your budget and not have much to show for it.

We will not allow these scenarios, and prefer a difficult conversation with clients rather than just saying yes and billing away.

What sets us apart?

We are invested in our projects. Sometimes more than we should!

We distinguish ourselves by becoming integral not only to the technology solution, but also the business needs. What allows us to be this way? We do this by only taking-on projects we believe in, where we value by judiciously applying technology and business common sense.


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Co-founders Pedro Ceron and Michael Kanner founded Sepia Group in 2010, after recognizing the demand for quality, independent technology development talent.

The digital economy populated by todays start-ups, independent contractors and entrepreneurs of all stripes have one thing in common: Technology driven opportunities.

Having been involved first-hand with major developments including the sharing web, ecommerce and online travel bookings, Ceron and Kanner agreed on a vision where their experience could be put to use in the service of others, with new ventures - but in need of high quality technology.

Pedro Ceron
I am pleased to offer you my 25 years of interdisciplinary skills in operations, technology build-outs, and business development. This experience was earned through my years working in Travel Distribution, Airlines, Hospitality and now my third start-up.

Having been involved in critical facets for businesses of all sizes and scope, I found the most rewarding work is when a vision comes to life through the right people, ideas and execution. The technology dependencies and multiple complexities of today's businesses never cease to amaze or interest me. I continually engage in personal efforts with private web development initiatives to stay current, and be part - not a bystander - in the ever-changing web and ecommerce fields. Apart from having held Board and Advisory positions for Arts Organizations, including RiverArts, in Westchester County NY, I am a founding member of the Irvington Diversity Foundation. I have a love of films, music, literature and art, those experiences continue to inform and inspire my efforts.


Pedro Ceron
Michael Kanner