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Welcome to Sepia Grouop
Welcome to Sepia Group
Welcome To Sepia Group

Sepia Group is a network of traders who use The STRAT-
an easy to understand and immediately actionable asset within your trading toolbox.

The STRAT Masters

Otto Lima

Rob Smith – Rob Smith got his start in the market at the age of 15 and has never looked back. A trader on the Chicago Stock Exchange for over 16 years, Rob has been a leader in the industry for over 3 decades. He is an investor, a mentor, a teacher and the creator of The STRAT trading system, used by hundreds of trained traders around the world. Rob hosts his own Live Room every Monday-Friday from 9-4, offering market suggestions to traders and answering questions.

Jermaine McGruder

Jermaine McGruder – In the Army for over 20 years, Jermaine, aka “The STRAT Soldier” has worked with hundreds of soldiers in a wide spectrum of training environments. As a successful STRAT trader, he is committed to teaching you how to use Sepia Group’s tools to become a more profitable trader. Jermaine is the host of the live show The Weekend Shift, every Saturday at 1pm.

Otto Lima

Otto Lima – With over 13 years of experience as a trader, Otto Lima, aka OG Trades, has a unique style that focuses on price action and market structure. Otto is primarily a futures trader focused on the indices and trades using The STRAT, while also incorporating VWAP and Daily Pivot Points. Join Otto on his weekly show, The STRAT Chat, to take a deep dive into what it takes to be a profitable trader.

On our site you will find:

Live Rooms: Follow the action with our STRAT traders as they navigate the market, displaying their screens and pointing out actionable signals over a range of securities. In addition to access to live broadcasts and chats, subscriptions to Live Rooms include videos of past broadcasts.

The Power Hour

The Power Hour: A weekly one-hour session with Rob Smith, every Monday after the close of the market, designed to get everyone up to speed fast. Subscribers to Rob’s Live Room can ask questions and have them answered in real time by the originator of The STRAT.

Free Videos: Several videos are available for free, including The Weekend Shift, STRAT Time Report, The STRAT Nightly Vid, The STRAT Attack and The STRAT Weekend Vid.

Courses: We currently offer two courses to get you started with The STRAT, taught by Rob Smith, the method’s originator, and Jermaine McGruder, host of The Weekend Shift.

Community Forum

Community Forum: A free-to-join community for both beginners and veteran practitioners of The STRAT. The forums are a great place to ask for advice and get help.

What is The STRAT?

The STRAT is a price action based trading method created by veteran trader Rob Smith. The STRAT relies on multi time frame analysis, identifying candlestick patterns and reacting to price action to enter and exit trades at the optimal moment.

 The STRAT trading community is growing every day, as more traders embrace and expand upon the simple method of analyzing the movement of price over time. Whether you’re a long-term investor, swing trader or day trader, The Strat can help you identify actionable signals and make your investments more profitable.

Ready to get started with The STRAT?

If you’re ready to dip your toe into trading with The Strat, download our free introductory PDF with the basics of trading with The Strat. If you are ready for a deeper dive into the method, sign up for our mailing list and you’ll receive a PDF with an in-depth explanation of its tools and strategies.

Yearly Subscription to Rob Smith's Live Room

$999 plus The Official STRAT Course
A Savings of $1199