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The STRATalorian’s Options Masterclass

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Welcome to the Omega Options course. I designed this course to be the last (Omega) options course you will need to purchase in order to learn the required basics to become not only a good options trader but a consistently profitable one as well. If you put in the required time and effort I know you can succeed. I am here to help you as best as I can.

There is work involved. It will take time and effort. I promise you that if you assert yourself, study the material, and practice you can be successful.

I’ve built this course with the memories of all the things I wish I knew when I started. If you’re brand new to options then I believe this will help shorten your learning curve. If you’re a seasoned trader there will still be some “aha” moments. I’ve traded for almost 20 years. I’ve made EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE you can possibly imagine. I probably came up with some new ones too! This is my Options Opus Magnum. I haven’t withheld anything. In fact if I remember something that I think should be added I’ll include it into the course at no extra charge!

Let’s dive in!

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