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Talk to Rob

“Don’t be a wallflower,” Rob will say. Talk to Rob during the trading day. For example, “Rob what do we know to be True about AAPL?” Rob will stop what he is doing, pull the charts, and answer your question about a trade you are wanting to take. Also ask Rob what your level of defense should be. In other words, “Rob where should I put my stops?” Rob will say two things, “Ain’t no reason that’s not going to work,” or “The problem with that is.” Now when Rob says there maybe a problem with a trade you would like to trade, it doesn’t mean don’t take it if it goes in force. It means, you need to be aware of the Mother bar is trapped in, or the Timeframe Continuity isn’t in your favor. Above all, talk to Rob. Let him know what you are doing. Are you trading Common? Are you trading options? Are you selling options? All this matters.

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