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Our Leaders

Rob Smith

Smith's In The Black

Come see why traders everywhere are choosing #TheStrat as their go-to market approach. A proprietary trading strategy created by veteran trader Rob Smith, #TheStrat is easy to understand and immediately actionable as an asset within your trading toolbox.

Jermaine McGruder

The Strat Soldier

I am Jermaine McGruder, aka The STRAT Soldier. I have been trading The STRAT since 2019, and in that short amount of time I have gotten proficient at trading The STRAT, and subsequently very good at teaching it.

Michael Dang

The DANG Media

I am Michael Dang, founder and CEO of The Dang Media. I am one of the first people to combine The STRAT with Tradytics’ Algo Flow software. Once I learned how to trade The STRAT, it completely changed the way I see price action. Join my Live Room today to learn how I trade The Strat and how I use Algo Flow to follow smart money.

Yearly Subscription to Rob Smith's Live Room

$999 plus The Official STRAT Course
A Savings of $1199