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OG Trades Premarket Prep

OG Trades- Premarket Prep

Join OG Trades every weekday morning from 8am to 9am ET for a premarket prep show focusing on The STRAT, futures analysis, watchlist development and the daily economic calendar.

OG will be be taking viewer chart requests and answering questions in the chat. Live chat is enabled for Sepia Group channel subscribers. To make a chart request, type the ticker name followed by The STRAT set up. Example: $TSLA, 2-2 day down. To ask a question, type a question mark before your text so it’s easier for OG to see. Example: ? What is your strategy on profit management? How often do you pay yourself?

OG Trades Premarket Prep is presented by OG and Sepia Group completely free of charge. Get your daily setups and trading insight from a professional with over 13 years in the business.

Follow OG on Twitter @OGTradesTA and subscribe to Sepia Group on YouTube.

Want more daily live rooms from our STRAT Leaders? Check out Michael Dang at 7am every weekday and Rob Smith from 9am to 4pm ET, Monday through Friday.

OG Trades Premarket Prep on YouTube

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