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Rob Smith's Official STRAT Course

The Official STRAT Course from the Creator of The STRAT

Rob Smith’s Official STRAT Course is the ultimate guide to the fundamentals of The STRAT. Rob developed The STRAT based on universal principles in price action to which all price must adhere. This course will walk you in great detail through the three universal principles of The STRAT. Check out Rob’s Live Room and Power Hour Training Sessions to see The STRAT in action and incorporate it into your own trading.

Rob Smith's Intro to The STRAT


What you will learn in this course:

The Three Scenarios: Trading is not about predicting what will happen next to the price, it’s about reacting to price action. From one candlestick to the next there are only three possible scenarios. Identify these scenarios on your charts to visualize what might happen next.

Actionable Signals: Once you understand the three scenarios, you will be able to scan charts for STRAT combos and actionable signals. Learn the patterns and apply them to your daily trades.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis: Examining multiple timeframes allows you to know who is in control of the market: the buyers or the sellers. Discover how price aggregates and know what to look for when analyzing charts and sectors.

Advanced STRAT Techniques: Learn how to trade gaps, identify simultaneous breaks, recognize full time frame continuity and apply STRAT techniques to get the most out of your portfolio.

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