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Sepia Group Closed Position Alert: GDX

– Average Price Exit: 38.19
– Percent Gain: 2.13%
– Reason for Exit: Hit revised stop loss 

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5 thoughts on “Sepia Group Closed Position Alert: GDX”

    1. so how can you make money to pay for subscription if you have one trade for 2% in a whole day?
      That’s $200 on $10k and if it’s equity which it looks like it is , the money doesn’t clear next day.

  1. While we do incorporate a good day trade occasionally, we prefer to hold trades for the long term. That trade we closed yesterday was not a day trade. We opened it on 3/17/22 and have already taken profits on half the position on an earlier date. The only reason we closed it yesterday was our revised stop loss was hit, otherwise we would have held it for a much longer tiime frame and for a much higher profit target

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