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Sepia Group on Discord

Sepia Group on Discord

Sepia Group is now on Discord!

One of our most requested features has been to add a Discord Server to our community resources. You can now link your Sepia Group account to our new server, Sepia Group Trades. We offer a free space for traders to gather, chat and share information as well as Live Trading every weekday morning with OG Trades and John Antonelli.

To link your Discord profile to Sepia Group, visit and you will automatically be added at member level.

Don’t have a Discord profile? It’s free to sign up! Use in your browser or with apps for desktop and mobile. Go to to create an account then link to us for instant access.

Join OG Trades and John Antonelli on The STRAT Trading Floor, M-F 9:15 am to 11:30 am ET, as they trade commons, options and futures LIVE with Sepia Group’s portfolio. Talk to our trading team on Live voice chat or ask questions via text. Subscribe today and get a 2-day free trial.

We will be adding more features in the coming months, including Live training, more Live rooms and expanded educational resources.

Come help us grow #TheSTRAT community and level up your own trading game!

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2 thoughts on “Sepia Group on Discord”

  1. Hi Fred,

    First, make sure you have a profile on Discord: Then link your discord account to your Sepia Group account using this link: Open Discord in your browser or app, and you should see the Sepia Group logo on the left side of the screen and have subscriber access to the Trading Floor. If you continue to have trouble, please send an email to and Michael will help you get set up.

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