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The STRAT Macro Vid

Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Smith's In The Black

During the first week of every month, STRAT Master Rob Smith provides an in-depth analysis of the major securities and market movements of the previous month, and how they affect possible set ups going into the next one.


SITB January 2nd 2023 Macro Vid

smithsintheblack 1.5K views 01/02/2023 8:02 pm

SITB August 1st 2022 MACRO

smithsintheblack 1.6K views 07/31/2022 4:15 pm

SITB June 6th 2022 MACRO

smithsintheblack 1.8K views 06/03/2022 7:55 pm

SITB May 8th 2022 Macro

smithsintheblack 1.7K views 05/07/2022 5:55 pm

SITB April 2nd 2022 Macro

smithsintheblack 1.4K views 03/30/2022 5:55 pm

The Strat Macro March 7th 2022

smithsintheblack 1.3K views 03/06/2022 6:57 pm

SITB February 14th 2022 MACRO

smithsintheblack 1.7K views 02/13/2022 3:59 pm

SITB January 3rd 2022 MACRO

smithsintheblack 2K views 01/02/2022 5:07 pm

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