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Situation: We are halfway through the month, and still inside on the SPY, DIA, and QQQ. We are seeing very few actionable setups to the upside. Earnings season has started again. J. Powell will be talking this week. This is the last time before May 16. 

Mission: Create winning positions, add to them, and defend them with tight stops. Follow your plan. Do not jump around, or over trade. 

Execution: New Straters, stay on the 30s and 60s. If you have experience, you can take signals on lower time frames, make sure you still follow your rules. Let them open. No weekend vid from Rob this week. We are wanting to see what the institutional buyers do after this big sell off during the short week last week. Tank Division, stay on Macro signals that are in force. MRK, CRWD, SLB, APA, DVN, AEP, AKLS, D, DUK, ED, HP, HRL, NUE, VLO, VRTX, to the upside. 

Earnings are as follows: 

18 Apr Mon:       19 Apr Tue:        20 Arp Wed:       21 Apr Thr:   22 Apr  Fri: 

BAC                     JNJ                     PG                        T                    VZ

SCHW                  HAL                     ABT                      AAL                AXP

BK                         HAS                   BKR                       NUE                SLB

GNTY                    SI                                                    UNP                 KMB         

SYF                       LMT                                                 AN                   

                             TRV                                                 DOW

                              CFG                                               XRX


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